Summer Bloom – Eagle Valley’s Restored Entrance Rockery

The Eagle Valley Association, with significant support through an Amenity Grant from Cork County Council, funded the restoration of the Entrance Rockery to Eagle Valley in December 2016.

The Rockery had fallen into considerable disrepair. Debris and over growth was removed, stone work replaced and repaired, and the area power hosed and weed killer applied. A Stone Mason cleaned and repainted the Eagle Valley sign. Cork County Council’s Works Team also were extremely supportive undertaking a big job in removing a dead conifer tree with their Electrician working in the pouring rain on Christmas Eve to ensure the sign light was back on for Christmas!!

Subsequently, the area was planted and now we can enjoy the bloom this Summer !!!!

Kimberley McSweeney and Hillary Cotterell lead this effort and our sincere thanks to all the team at Cork County Council.

Thanks also to Sheila Robinson for the photos