How to pay the Annual Subscription Fee

How to pay the Annual Subscription Fee

The Association’s Subscription policy is detailed here Eagle Valley Association Subscription Policy  For more information on how the Association uses the subscription fees to to deliver value for the community as an organisation of volunteers please see  Background to Eagle Valley Association Subscription Policy

The Annual House Subscription Fee for 2023 is €95 per house, whether the house is rented or owner occupied.
At the Eagle Valley Association General Meeting on 19th April 2023, members voted to set the annual subscription fee for 2023 at €95 per house.

For House Membership, any outstanding subscription fees from previous periods must be paid up to and including the current subscription period.
The Association operates a continual Membership policy whereby a Member Home Owner pays the Annual Subscription Fee due as it comes due for each year within his/her period of ownership of a House in Eagle Valley (but no earlier than June 2014 when the Association was formed). Members can check their subscription payment history by signing into the Eagle Valley Member Portal 

House Subscriptions are payable by the Home Owners, whether Resident or Landlord.
The Association does not seek payment from Tenants on the basis that property values/rental potential are collectively in the Home Owners’ long term interests and the transitory nature of tenants would prove too difficult and unsustainable for a voluntary association to manage.

The Subscription Fee is per House and encompasses any person associated with a House, either as a Home Owner (Primary House Member) or Resident (Associate House Member e.g. Family Members, Tenants etc.) All such persons who register in the Eagle Valley Member Portal can fully participate in all communication systems, activities and services of the Association where the House Subscription fee is paid up to date

Owners of more than one Household are required to pay subscription fees for each house they own. Additional houses built within a property’s original boundaries and holding their own postal address are regarded as a separate Household for which a Subscription Fee is payable in its own right. 

Please remember that Eagle Valley Association is a Voluntary Organisation. It is not a Management Company nor it does not operate with commercial grade systems or services. The Committee Members and the Representatives are neighbours who are generously volunteering and sharing their time to assist your interests.

Payment Method (3 Steps):

Step 1: Ensure your Contact Details are up to date in the Member Portal

The Association holds your contact details strictly for communications with you by officers of the Association and will not be disclosed without your permission. See the Association Privacy Policy for further details.

  • For Existing Members, please
  • For New Members, please visit the Eagle Valley Website and click on the Join Us button to complete the Registration Form. When your registration has been approved, we will advise you by email of your login details and the Fees to be paid to activate your Membership through the Eagle Valley Member Portal .

Alternatively, please send your contact details by email to including your Name, Eagle Valley House Number, Mobile Telephone Number, Email Address and your Home Postal Address. 

Step 2: Pay Your Subscription Fee(s):

Pay by Card Online on the Eagle Valley Members Portal 

This is the preferred payment option for the Association as it minimises the administrative tasks for our Volunteers. You will be immediately issued with an automatic receipt for payment and you will also be able to view your subscription payment history and get receipts for past payments.

  1. Login to your Account on the Eagle Valley Members Portal or visit and click on the Members Portal Sign In Button
  2. Go to “My Account” on the Menu and select “My Subscriptions” from the Menu Bar on top
  3. You can then pay by VISA or Debit Card via the Stripe Payment Gateway.
  4. The system will automatically issue you with a receipt by email for each subscription payment.

*** If you do not know or have forgotten your login details,

Step 3 The Association issues you an electronic Payment Receipt

With the new Members Portal, the Association will email you an electronic Receipt when payment is processed. If you have any queries, please email

Thank You for your support,
The Committee
Eagle Valley Association Of Residents & Home Owners