Welcome to the Eagle Valley Association of Residents & Home Owners website.

We are Home Owners in Eagle Valley estate, Wilton, Cork working together protect and develop Eagle Valley as a good residential living environment. We aim to develop the estate in the interests of the present and future Residents & Home Owners and to foster our community spirit.

The specific objectives of the Eagle Valley Association as set out in its Constitution when formed in 2014 are to:

  1. To ensure Eagle Valley Estate is developed in the interests of the present and future residents & home owners;
  2. To secure the services and amenities to which the residents & home owners are entitled;
  3. To see that the Estate is properly maintained and to provide services for the members;
  4. To foster social activities and community spirit.
  5. To promote the work of the Association by keeping the Members and stake holders informed of its activities.
  6. To develop and review an annual list of objectives so that the Association remains focused in what it is trying to achieve for its Membership

If you would like to learn more about the Association or would like to get involved in the Association, please contact the Association on (021) 236 6033 or association@eaglevalley.ie or find us on Facebook (Eagle Valley Association)