Outcome of the Special General Meeting 3/4/2019

40 Full Member Home Owners attend the SGM Special General Meeting on Wednesday 3rd April at 7:30 p.m. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The main business was to discuss whether to dissolve or continue the Eagle Valley Association following its recent problems with the loss of people to run it and committee resignations.

We discussed the current situation with our Association and the management issues it faced, the options available and the best way forward. People were asked to volunteer if the Association was to continue.

A vote was then taken on whether to (a) formally close down the Association (b) to restart it with a new Committee.

We’re pleased to report that Members voted unanimously to get the Association up and running again. This was really enabled by the 26 people who generously volunteered to assist as Area Representatives and Committee Members.

  • There was a majority vote for an Area Representative structure to enable a sustainable structure where people in each area manage their membership and subscriptions and Areas work together co-operatively under the umbrella of the Association.
  • There was a majority vote for the election of the new 10 Member Committee which will provide administrative support to the Areas Representatives also elected
  • For visibility/awareness of the Association and its Membership, the introduction of a Membership Sticker for each paid up Member (Similar to neighbourhood watch sticker) was agreed
  • There was a majority vote to keep the subscription to €60 for the year for the whole estate.
  • As part of the National Spring Clean, a Clean Up day for Eagle Valley would be held on Saturday 13th April at 10:00. and new Trees would be planted as part of the Clean Up day

The New Subscription Collection for 2019 will now take place. To correct the Association’s Calendar, a second collection will be take up in the October 2019 for the new 2020 year so that in the future the Association will have funds in hand at the commencement of each operational year.

The Draft Minutes of the EGM will be circulated to all Members.

Thank you to all the people who have volunteered and please give the Volunteer Area Representatives and Committee your support.

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