How Subscription Funds are used

The Association publishes its detailed Accounts to all Members in advance of the Annual General Meeting. The following are some examples of how funds from Subscriptions are employed to support the objectives of the Association:

  1. General Estate Maintenance, Repair of Street Lighting, Drainage Clearance, Road Markings and Pot Holes, Weed Control & Street Cleaning
  2. Grass Cutting: Cork County Council does not maintain the Estate or cut the greens as Eagle Valley is not a Council Estate. Like other private estates throughout the city, the Home Owners have to fund its maintenance.
  3. Planting & New Amenities: Funding estoration & Planting of Eagle Valley Entrance Rockery, Signage & Lighting with the support of the relevant local authorities e.g. Cork City Council, Irish Water, ESB etc.
  4. Database of All House Owners in Eagle Valley
  5. Co-Funding in Amenity Grant Applications to the Council
  6. Installation & maintenance of Salt Bins
  7. Christmas Tree & Lights at Estate Entrance Rockery
  8. Purchase of equipment for Association use e.g. Brushes, Pickers & Materials for Clean Ups,
  9. Making Representations on New Planning Applications Impacting the Estate
  10. Assisting landlords and residents in addressing and resolving issues with anti social behaviour
  11. Social Community Clean-ups to date
  12. Insurance for the Association and its Voluntary Officers & Committee Members
  13. Association Systems & Community Communication Vehicles e.g. the Eagle Valley Member Portal, Eagle Valley Website, SMS Mobile messaging for community alerts & information sharing
  14. Association Administration e.g. Bank Account, Mobile Phone, Printing etc.