At the Meeting of Residents to form the Eagle Valley Association of Residents & Home Owners on the 5th July 2014, the following Constitution was adopted to manage the running of the Association.

  1. Name: The Association shall be called the Eagle Valley Association of Residents & Home Owners and shall incorporate Eagle Valley Estate & The Hedgerows, Wilton. The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian. Membership of the Association shall be open, regardless of race, religion, nationally, age, disability or political views to the residents and house owners of Eagle Valley.
  2. Objectives: The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:
    • To ensure that Eagle Valley Estate is developed in the interests of the present and future Residents and Home Owners;
    • To secure the services and amenities to which the Residents and Home Owners are entitled;
    • To work in partnership with the council and other agencies to achieve our aims;
    • To put forward the collective view of the area following active consultation with Members and represent the common interests of residents and home owners in consultation with the local authority and other bodies;
    • To see that the Estate is properly maintained and to provide services for the Members;
    • To foster social activities and community spirit; to promote the work of the Association by keeping the Residents and Home Owners in its catchment area informed of its activities;
    • To develop and review an annual list of objectives so that the Association remains clear in what it is trying to achieve for its Membership
  3. Membership & Subscriptions:

(a)   Membership is open to all home owners and residents in Eagle Valley Estate.

(b)   Any person who has paid his/her current annual subscription shall be deemed to be a member.

(c)    Any person who has not paid his/her current annual subscription by 1’ April, without due cause, shall cease to be member.

(d)   Upon payment of such annual subscription as may be determined from time to time at any General Meeting, any number of adults from a household may attend meetings, but not more than one such adult from any one house shall be entitled to vote at any such meetings.

(e)   A copy of the Rules shall be supplied to each new member on admission,

(f)    Membership of the Association shall imply acceptance of each and all of the rules and of any and all additions and alterations which maybe thereafter agreed to.

  1. Register of Members: A register of all members shall be kept by the Treasurer.
  2. Management: The business of the Association shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairperson. Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and at least two ordinary committee members The Executive may co-opt members. Public Relations will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee,
  3. The Vice Chairperson co-ordinates the Association activity programme.
  4. The Secretary shall be responsible for the execution of Committee decisions, including all correspondence on behalf of and to the Association
  5. The Assistant Secretary shall be responsible for the convening of all meetings and for the recording of minutes, circulation and communication with members
  6. The Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies which are payable to the Association and shall be responsible for the lodgement of same with the Associations Bankers for the time being. He/she shall maintain proper records of receipts and payments and shall have possession of all documents relating thereto. He/she shall submit to every Executive Committee Meeting a Financial Statement, and to the Annual General Meeting a Statement of Accounts duly audited and certified by the Auditors up to 31 December preceding.
  7. Financial Expenditure: (a) No commitment may be entered into without the prior sanction of the Executive Committee in committee. Cheques shall bear the signatures of the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson and the Treasurer. The Treasurer may however purchase sundry items to a value of €100 subject to the subsequent sanction of the committee with the agreement of any one officer of the Executive Committee
    (b) The Financial commitment of the Association whether immediate or contingent shall at no time exceed its assets. The Executive Committee may however call a Special General Meeting and submit to it proposals for expenditure on specific projects requiring extra finance together with proposals for collection
  8. Minutes: At every meeting the minutes of the previous meeting shall be read, unless those members in attendance having been previously provided with a copy of the minutes shall unanimously agree to accept them as read. The minutes, when approved, shall be signed by the Chairperson before any other business is transacted.
  9. General Meetings:

(a)    A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Executive Committee at any time at its discretion

(b)    A Special General Meeting may be requisitioned by one-third of the members stating dearly the purpose for which the meeting is required.

(c)    If requested to do so by one-third of the members, the Executive Committee must call a Special General Meeting within one calendar month of receipt of notice.

(d)   If the Executive Committee shall fail to convene such a Special General Meeting as last mentioned within one calendar month from the receipt of the requisition, the members whose signatures are attached to the requisition may at once proceed to convene the meeting in accordance with these Rules.

(e)   The Annual General Meeting shall be convened not later than 14 February in each year for the following purposes:

  1. To receive the Report of the Executive Committee and the Statement of Accounts of the
    Treasurer for the period ending 31 December preceding.
  2. To elect Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.
  3. To appoint the Auditors for the forthcoming year.
  4. To dispose of any other business as may be brought before the meeting subject to the
    discretion of the Chairperson.

(f)    Business shall only be transacted at any General Meeting if one-quarter of the members or 25, whichever is the lesser, are present when the meeting proceeds to business.

(g)   At least 7 days notice of a General Meeting in writing shall be given to each member of the Association, such notice to include an agenda

(h)   Notice of a motion for a general meeting shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 4 days before the meeting, bearing the name of the Proposer and Seconder.

(i)     The Chairperson at any meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

(j)     Except as otherwise specifically provided in these rules, all matters shall be decided by simple majority vote of the members present.

(k)    The Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Association or Executive Committee. In their absence the meeting shall elect its own Chairperson.

(l)     An up-to-date register of members shall be available at all meetings.

(m)  That the Executive Committee shall prior to each A.G.M. ensure that there is at least one candidate for each vacancy for which an election is being held.

  1. Committee Meetings: The Executive Committee of the Association shall meet at least once every two months. For all meetings of the Committee the quorum shall be four members. No decision shall be reached at any Executive Committee Meeting unless agreed to by two-thirds of the members present.
  2. Sub-Committees (a) The Executive Committee of the Association shall appoint such sub-committees as they see fit.
    (b) These sub-committees shall not commit the Executive Committee to any course of action, enter into any agreement either in writing or verbally with any person or group of persons or involve the Association in any expenditure of monies, except in accordance with Clause 8.
  3. Terms of Office: (a) Officers shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election. On the death or resignation of a member, the Committee will co-opt another eligible member of the Association. Any member of the Executive Committee absent from for Executive Committee meeting without due cause shall no longer be deemed to be a member of the committee and the vacancy created shall be filled by the Executive Committee in accordance with these rules.
    (b) The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall not be eligible to serve for more than two consecutive years in the same capacity.
  4. Dissolution: (a) The Association shall not be dissolved except by the direction of three-fourths of the members present and qualified to vote at a Special General Meeting properly convened for that purpose.
    (b) It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee for the time being to bring before its members in accordance with these rules, a resolution for the dissolution of the Association if it shall be found impracticable for any reason to maintain the activities of the Association or if membership shall be below 50% of households.
    (c) On the dissolution, the Assets of the Association shall be applied to discharge the liabilities of the Association in the first place. Any surplus then remaining shall be disposed of in such other manner as three-fourths majority of the members present at the meeting shall decide.
  5. Affiliation: (a) The Association may co-operate with other Resident Associations with a view to successfully achieving its objects, but may not become affiliated to any other body or organisation except with the consent of the Annual General Meeting or of a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.
  6. Interpretation of Rules: The Executive Committee shall have full power to decide any question that may arise for which provision is not made in these Rules.
  7. Amendment of Rules: These Rules shall not be amended, added to or altered in any way save with the consent of three-fourths of the members present and qualified to vote at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose in accordance with these Rules.