2023 Subscription Fee: Please Pay Now, Thank You!

Please pay the 2023 Subscription of €95 for your house as soon as possible to enable us to fund the commencement of the 2023 estate maintenance. We ask that payments are made by Friday 16th June 2023 so that sufficient funds are in place to meet costs for the rest of the year.

Online Payments through the Eagle Valley Members Portal will immediately receive a receipt by email. All paid up Member Houses with the 2023 Membership Badge (as illustrated) as active supporters of the Eagle Valley Community for display in their front window.

As you can see, the greens are not being cut in Eagle Valley estate as there are currently (11/5/2023) no funds to do so. As a private estate, it is the home owners in the estate, and not the Council, who pay for the maintenance of the estate through subscription fees to the Association. To enable us fund starting the 2023 maintenance of the estate, please pay the 2023 Subscription of €95 for your house as soon as possible.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on 19th April 2023 to initiate the collection of subscription funds to maintain Eagle Valley estate and to reenergise the Association with new volunteers.  In advance of the EGM, all Members received an email copy of the Association’s accounts which detailed the increasing costs in recent years and a list of the Member houses in the estate paid up to date in 2022.  Following a presentation of the significantly increased projected costs for 2023, the 33 attending Member Householders voted to increase the subscription fee for 2023 to €95 per household. The EGM minutes are available on our Members Portal and also by request to association@eaglevalley.ie

This is the first ever increase in the subscription fee since 2014. It is deemed necessary as our costs to maintain the Estate have increased so significantly in recent years. Furthermore, the Association was heavily impacted by the COVID period in losing volunteers to follow up with households who have missed subscription payments.

Every household in the estate benefits from the Association. If all householders paid, costs would be spread fairly and subscription fees could be dramatically reduced for everyone. The new Committee is undertaking a drive to increase the number of paid-up Members and recruit new volunteers in each area of the Estate. Payments of outstanding prior year subscriptions will be kept in a “rainy day” reserve fund to address unexpected issues for the estate and fund amenity development. If the drive is successful, the Association may be able to reduce next year’s 2024 subscription fee.

The new Committee is planning an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October 2023 for Members to discuss and assess fees for collection in advance of the Subscription year going forward.  In advance of the Autumn AGM, the Financial Accounts and a report on the payment status of all Houses in each Area of the Estate sent to Members.

Eagle Valley estate needs your financial contribution and your help as a volunteer. If you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please email  association@eaglevalley.ie  or leave a voicemail on (021) 236 6033 and a Committee Member will get back to you.

If you have not received an Email or SMS notification from the Association regarding the 2023 fees, please email association@eaglevalley.ie with your House Number, Mobile Phone and Email Address so we can ensure your details are included in our Mailing List.

Rented Houses: The Association collects the subscription fee from the Home Owner, whether resident or landlord. If you are in a rented house, please send us your Landlord’s contact details to association@eaglevalley.ie and the Association will contact your Landlord for payment.

Thank You for your support,
The Committee
Eagle Valley Association Of Residents & Home Owners

Please Pay your Subscription Fee Online via the Eagle Valley Members Portal

We ask Member’s to pay their subscription fee online via the Members Portal. This avoids errors, doesn’t require the time of volunteer and you get a receipt for payment issued immediately. The Association will not accept cash or cheques for these reasons.

  1. To log into the Eagle Valley Members Portal:
    • If you are on a Desktop Computer, go to eaglevalley.ie and click on the Green “Members Portal Sign In’ Button on the left hand side of the page
    • If you are on a Mobile Phone/Tablet, go to https://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/eaglevalley Note: the best experience of the site is on a desktop.
  2. Login with your Username and Password (see below for details on how to get these)
  3. Go to “My Account” on the Menu and select “My Subscriptions” from the Menu Bar on top
  4. You can then pay by VISA or Debit Card via the Stripe Payment Gateway

*** If you do not know or have forgotten your login details to the Eagle Valley Members Portal

  1. To get your login details
  2. Enter your email address.
    If the Portal does not have your correct email address on file, you will not be able to automatically get your login details and you will need to email association@eaglevalley.ie so we can email your login details to you manually.
  3. With your correct Email address, the Portal will automatically send you two emails with your username and a password reset link respectively.
  4. If you are still in difficulty logging in or making payment, email association@eaglevalley.ieand we send your login details by email.