Subscription Fee

At the Eagle Valley Association Formation meeting on 5th June 2014, the meeting attendees of over 60 Home Owners and Residents agreed that an annual subscription fee of €60 be requested from each house to fund the foundation phase of the Association.

The Association’s Subscription policy is detailed here Eagle Valley Association Subscription Policy  For more information on how the Association uses the subscription fees to to deliver value for the community as an organisation of volunteers please see  Background to Eagle Valley Association Subscription Policy

The Annual Subscription Fee is €60 per house whether the house is rented or owner occupied.

Subscriptions are collected from Home Owners, whether Resident or Landlord, rather than tenants as property values/rental potential are collectively in the Home Owners’ long term interests and the transitory nature of tenants would prove too difficult and unsustainable for a voluntary association to manage.

Please remember that Eagle Valley Association is not a Management Company. It is a Voluntary Organisation where the Committee Members and the Representatives are volunteers and giving generously of their time.

Please have your subscription ready or pay promptly when a Representative calls to your house. The Representative collecting fees will be a neighbour and will have Identification and will issue you with a receipt on behalf of the Association.

2 Steps to Paying Your Annual Subscription:

Step 1: Send your contact details

Please send your contact details by email to or by post to the Eagle Valley Association Treasurer, Mr. Paul O’Farrell, No. 12 Eagle Valley, Wilton, Cork. Or you can complete the online form in this website Join Us

Please include your:

  1. Name
  2. Eagle Valley House Number
  3. Mobile Telephone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Your Home Postal Address

This will enable us to (1) post you a receipt for your records and (2) to cost efficiently keep you updated on news and developments in Eagle Valley. Your details are held strictly for communications with you by officers of the Association and will not be disclosed without your permission.

Step 2: Subscription Payment via either of 2 options:

Option A: Credit Transfer to Eagle Valley Bank Details
*** VERY IMPORTANT: Please put your house number in the Narrative to allow us identify who has made the payment
Bank of Ireland Account Number 69232184, Sort code 902645;
IBAN IE52 BOFI 902645 69232184;


Option B: Cheque/Cash
Please put your house number on the Cheque to allow us identify who has made the payment
– Please post Cheques to the Treasurer, Mr. Paul O’Farrell, No. 12 Eagle Valley.
– Cheques should be made payable to Eagle Valley Residents Association

How Funds From Subscriptions Are Used

The following are some examples of how funds from Subscriptions are employed to support the objectives of the Association:

  1. General Estate Maintenance, Repair of Street Lighting, Drainage Clearance, Road Markings and Pot Holes, Weed Control & Street Cleaning
  2. Grass Cutting: Cork County Council does not maintain the Estate or cut the greens as Eagle Valley is not a Council Estate. Like other private estates throughout the city, the Home Owners have to fund its maintenance.
  3. Planting & New Amenities: Restoration & Planting of Eagle Valley Entrance Rockery, Signage & Lighting with the support of Cork County Council
  4. Database of All House Owners in Eagle Valley
  5. Matching funding for Amenity Grant Applications to Cork County Council
  6. Installation of Salt Bins with the support of Cork County Council
  7. Making Representations on New Planning Applications Impacting the Estate e.g. 2014 ~ 98 Unit Development at entrance to Eagle Valley, 2016 ~ inaccurate placement of Sarsfield Road/Wilton/Togher signag, 2015 ~ Mainline Place
  8. Assisting landlords and residents in addressing and resolving issues with anti social behaviour
  9. Social Community Clean-ups to date
  10. Association Community Communication Vehicles e.g. Eagle Valley Website (, Facebook Group for community alerts & information sharing (
  11. Association Administration e.g. Bank Account, Mobile Phone, Printing etc.