Eagle Valley Subscription Policy

Eagle Valley Membership Subscription Policy

1. Developing the Eagle Valley Subscription Policy
1. Background information on developing the Eagle Valley Subscription policy
2. Membership
3. Member Responsibility for Subscription Payment
4. Grace Membership
5. Partial Payments
6. Over Payments
7. Joining New Home Owner Households
8. Joining Non Member Households
9. Late Payment of Subscriptions
10. Membership Statuses


1. Developing the Eagle Valley Subscription Policy

This Subscription policy was developed to address the operational challenges in running a voluntary Association for Eagle Valley specifically:

  • it is a large Estate – the size of Eagle Valley with 300 houses
  • its geographic spread means that the different Areas of the Estate are disparate and disconnected
  • a significant proportion of Houses are Landlord Owned so that the level of on the ground Home Owner’s involvement or knowledge of their Area’s needs are low
  • the ability to contact Residents and Home Owner stakeholders is reliant on mobile and email rather than the traditional door knocking and poster/flyer drops
  • the need to respect and support the voluntary time and effort given by the Members to run the Association, whether as Area Representatives or Committee Member

For the Association to function on a sustainable long term basis, this Subscription policy was developed and it relies on three inputs (1) the responsibility of Members themselves (2) the Organisational responsibility of the Association (3) the responsibility of each Area of the Estate.

The purpose of the Subscription Policy is to outline the conditions relating to the payment of membership subscriptions to the Association. A Subscription Policy is necessary to ensure that the Association has

  • a fair, consistent and transparent approach for its Membership to enable it to operate continually each year
  • a sound credible financial basis under professional Accounting principles in how it manages its Accounts
  • an operational model that enables the Association to achieve its goals and ensures a viable, sustainable organisation for the long term benefit of the Estate as a whole.
  • An objective policy that Area Representatives can point to so there is no fuss, no emotion, and nothing personal. It’s a rule of engagement that is understood by all parties for the Association to function

More information on the rationale in the development of this Subscription Policy can be found on this page 1. Background information on developing the Eagle Valley Subscription policy


2. Membership

Membership of the Association shall be open all Households in Eagle Valley and their Home Owners and Residents, regardless of race, religion, nationally, age, and disability or political views. All applications for Membership are subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

  1. A Household is a building unit which has its own postal address within the Estate’s geographical area. Owners of more than one Household are required to pay a subscription for each house that they own. Additional houses built within a property’s original boundaries and holding their own postal address are regarded as a separate Household for which a Subscription Fee is payable in its own right.
  2. A Household pays an Annual Subscription Fee to become a Member. Any Household which has paid its annual subscription and whose account is up to date with respect to payment of previous annual subscriptions due under the current Ownership of that Household shall be deemed to be a full Member Household.
  3. Payment of Membership subscriptions fees are sought from the Home Owner, whether Owner Resident or Owner Landlord, as the Primary Household Member who is responsible for paying the Subscription Fee either directly or indirectly through their agent/nominee who may be a Rental Agency, Tenant or Owner Resident Family Member. Subscription payments are sought from the Home Owners on the basis that the long term residential environment & associated property value & rental value of the Estate is in the interest of Home Owners whether Landlords or Resident Owners. We do not seek payment from Tenants as the population is too transient for a voluntary association to manage.
  4. Any person resident within such in Member Household (i.e. Family Members, Tenants etc.) shall be deemed Associate Household Members and can be included in all communication systems and services of the Association.
  5. The Association operates a continual Membership policy whereby a Member Home Owner pays the Annual Subscription Fee due as it comes due for each year within his/her period of ownership of a House in Eagle Valley (but no earlier than June 2014 when the Association was formed). The rationale underlying this policy is explained in Section 4 Background information on developing the Eagle Valley Subscription policy
  6. Each fully paid up Member Household is entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and in any online polls. The Primary Household Member may designate an Associate Household Member to vote on their behalf. Any number of adults from a Member Household may attend meetings, but not more than one such nominated adult from any one household shall be entitled to vote.
  7. A copy of the Association Constitution and Handbook shall be supplied to each new Member on admission. The specific responsibilities of Members shall be detailed in the Association Handbook which may change from time to time as the Association organisation needs change.
  8. Membership of the Association shall imply acceptance of each and all of the rules and policies of the Association and of any and all additions and alterations which maybe thereafter agreed to.
  9. The Annual Subscription Fee and any entrance fees/other levies shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee as they see prudent for the financial well-being of the Association. Changes to the annual subscription require ratification at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  10. The Annual General Meeting has set the Annual Subscription rate at €60 for each house in Eagle Valley.
  11. The Association operates a continual annual subscription policy based on the duration of the ownership of a house in the Estate.
    • Any household wishing to join the Association must pay the current subscription and any subscriptions outstanding while under its current ownership but no earlier than the Associations formation in 2014. A House Owner is not liable for any subscription fees prior to their commencing ownership of a House in Eagle Valley.
    • Any Household wishing to rejoin the Association must pay the current subscription and any outstanding subscriptions since its last subscription payment to be reinstated as a Full Member Household.
  12. The period of an Annual Subscription runs from 1st January to 31st December of the operational year.
  13. Annual subscriptions will be invoiced by 1st October each year and will be payable within 30 days. Membership will lapse if subscriptions are not paid by 31st December each year preceding the new calendar financial year.
  14. Any Household which has not paid its annual subscription by 1st January of the new calendar year of operations, without due cause, shall cease to be a Full Member and be deemed a lapsed/Overdue Member and shall be disqualified from attending any meeting of the Association and from voting, and denied access to the non-public portions of the Association website and other Association resources, until its balance on subscription payments due is paid.
  15. A Register of all Households and Member Households shall be kept by the Vice Chairperson.
  16. Membership cessation:
    • Membership will end as provided herein when a Member does not pay their Annual Subscription Fee.
    • Membership will end when a Member moves out or sells their property from the area of the Association. Paid subscription fees will not be prorated and Membership will run for the Household until the period’s end and will include any new occupants or owners.
    • In the event of a breach of the Association’s Objectives, Code of Conduct and Policies, Membership can be suspended or ended by a vote by the Committee.


3. Member Responsibility for Subscription Payment

Members make up the heart of the Association and have 4 core responsibilities

  1. Annual Subscription Fee Payment (payment details are published on eaglevalley.ie where Members are responsible for
    • Payment of the Annual Subscription Fee for a House where a subscription is payable for each house that has its own postal address. This includes additional houses built adjoining a property with their own postal address.
    • Payment in a prompt and timely fashion respecting the Area Representatives and Association Officers in their voluntary effort and personal time.
    • Ensuring the House Number is attached to the Subscription payment to allow the payment to be correctly identified in the Association Accounts. The House Number should be noted on the reverse side of a cheque payment, in the narrative in an electronic payment, or in a Cash Deposit at the Bank. If there is no House No. on the payment, the Association cannot record the payment for a House and the House membership status will remain as a lapsed or non Member.
    • Checking that the Association has the correct contact details for the Member and his/her Household Associate Members

Members are respectfully asked to pay promptly on request by email, sms or a Representative and to contact a Representative with any issue on payment. Having to repeat requests cost peoples voluntary time and energy and the limited resources of the Association.

Where a Member has not heard from the Association (e.g. notification have gone to spam boxes, oversight etc.), members are asked to check Eaglevalley.ie or the online system to see if a Subscription is due.

Members are expected to treat them with courtesy the Officers and Area Representatives of the Association who are unpaid volunteers giving freely of their time.

  1. Up To Date Household Contact Details: For the Primary Household Member who pays the Association subscription fee Ensure, please ensure Association has up to date

(1) mobile phone, email address

(3) where a Landlord, the home postal address external to Eagle Valley, mobile and email address

(4) where a Rental Agency, the company name, contact person’s name, landline mobile and email address

These contact details are needed for efficiency in renewing subscriptions via electronic channels as it would otherwise create significant additional work for the Volunteer Officers of the Association in manually preparing notifications and following up with reminders. Contact details should be advised to your Area Representative, the form on www.eaglevalley.ie or via the Association Online System to be deployed in 2019.

A Member Household can register the Persons associated with a Member Household are considered Associate Members and can also register for inclusion in Eagle Valley communications and participation in the Association’s Activities and Online System and Forums.

  1. Volunteer Support: Members will appreciate that the Association is voluntary in nature and totally reliant on the generosity of its Members to volunteer their personal time and effort as Area Representatives, Committee or Volunteers for it to operate effectively and efficiently.

As a community organisation of Volunteers, Members are asked to contribute to the Association as Volunteers whether:

  • Advising the Association of their Skills & Professional Knowledge which may be of benefit to the Association e.g. financial, marketing, computers, landscaping, legal, administrative etc.
  • Volunteering their time either as an Officer of the Association, on a Sub Committee pursuing a project, or in any activities that the Association plans e.g. Clean ups, Social Events etc.
  1. Member Code of Conduct: Members will at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner in any situation where they are engaging with the Association whether that by at Meetings, Online or in interactions with other Members and Officers of the Association. It is a condition of Membership that Members operate in accordance with the Association’s Policies (i.e. Constitution, Code of Conduct, Standing Orders etc. and others as they may be developed by the Association). The General Code of Conduct for Members is included in any Membership applications, the Association’s Handbook and web sites.


4. Grace Membership

Members may be experiencing financial difficulty in making a Subscription payment. Where a Full Member is having difficulty paying the renewal subscription fee, the Association operates a Grace period whereby the Subscription fee can be deferred for payment with the following year subscription.

A Member’s need for grace Membership will be dealt with confidentially and with discretion by the Officers of the Association. The Member should advise their Area Representative of their need for grace Membership. With the approval of the Treasurer, the Member will be given full Membership status for the year (i.e. access to the services and participation in forums and services of the Association). However they will have no voting rights until their membership is paid up to date.

Grace Membership is permitted for a maximum of 2 years.


5. Partial Payments

Partial Payments are payments which are less than the full Subscription Fee. The Subscription Fee is for the amount set by the AGM e.g. €60 and full payment of this amount is required to be registered as a full Member.

A Member who has partially paid their Subscription fee will continue to be included in all outbound communications by the Association for a 1 year grace period. However an Overdue Member does not have voting rights and cannot attend Association meetings or participate in Association Forums or services during the 1 year grace period or until they bring their account up to date.


6. Over Payments

Over Payments are where a Member has paid their Subscription due more than once in the Subscription period. Such over payments are either

  • credited towards the next future Subscription period for that House Member and no Subscription fee will be sought from that House Member for that future subscription period.
  • Or, if the Member seeks the refund of the Over Payment, the Over Payment will be refunded


7. Joining New Home Owner Households

For a new Home Owner who has acquired their house in the current subscription year, they become a Member on payment of the current Annual Subscription Fee and there is no Joining Fee. Any outstanding fees due for the House from the former Owner are voided in the Association’s accounts. The Annual Subscription fee is prorated from the quarter in which they bought their property and waived if it is in the last quarter of the subscription year. So if the Annual Subscription Fee is €60, and they bought their house in July of the Subscription Year, the Fee due would be €60/4 x 2 = €30 for that Subscription year to become a full Member household.


8. Joining Non Member Households

Where the Home Owner has owned the House prior to the current subscription year, there is a Joining Fee that is calculated based on any outstanding Subscription Fees over the period of the Home Owners ownership of the Eagle Valley House but no earlier than the Association’s commencement in 2014.

So for example, where the current subscription year is 2019

  • Michael has owned his house in Eagle Valley since 2002 and the Association was formed in 2014. Between 2014 and 2017, Posters advertised and leaflets were dropped into Michael’s house, Area Representatives of the Association called to Michael’s house, spoke with his Tenants, rang him and wrote formally by post to advise him of the Association and ask him to join. Three Subscriptions have been collected in the time since with a fourth subscription is now due for 2019. Michael as a Home Owner has benefited from the work of the Association over the last 4 years. Michael now sees the value of the Association to his needs and wishes to join the Association and become a full Member Household. He will be charged a joining fee of €180 (€60 x 3) and the current 2019 Subscription Fee of €60, specifically:
No. 1 Subscription (June 2014 – Dec 2015) €60
No. 2 Subscription (Jan 2016 – Dec 2017) €60
No. 3 Subscription (Jan 2018 – Dec 2018) €60
Joining Fee €180
No. 4 Subscription (Jan 2019 – Dec 2019) €60
Total now due: €240


If Michael only pays part of the Amount due, it will be applied from the oldest subscription payment onwards and his house status will be change from being classed as a Non Member to a Lapsed/Overdue Member.

If Michael pays all of the Amount due, his house status will change from being a Lapsed/Overdue Member or Non Member to a Full Member House.


9. Late Payment of Subscriptions & Continual Subscription Policy

The Association operates a continual subscription policy for full Membership i.e. For each year that the Home Owner is an owner of a property in Eagle Valley, the annual subscription fee is payable. For Home Owners who miss a year’s subscription, they will be classed as an Overdue Member for that year. The Association allows a 1 Year Grace Period where an Overdue Member will continue to be included in all outbound communications by the Association. However an Overdue Member does not have voting rights and cannot attend Association meetings or participate in Association Forums or Services during the 1 year grace period or until they bring their account up to date.

At the end of the 1 year grace period, they will be asked to pay for the previous subscription year and the new subscription year – a total of 2 years subscriptions – to bring their account up to date.

From an Accounting perspective:

  • If the two years are paid, the lapsed Member again becomes a full Member Household
  • If one year is paid, it will be applied against the original overdue subscription year and they will be classed as an Overdue Member for the current subscription year with the same limitations on voting rights and access to the Estates Forums and Services while continuing to receive communications from the Association.
  • From an accounting perspective, the one year payment is applied against the previous operational year and held in the Reserve Funds. If the Member seeks the refund of this one year overdue payment, the fee will be refunded and the Home Owner now classed as a Non Member.
  • If the two year balance is not paid by the subscription collection closure date for the second year, they will be classed as a Non Member Household.


10. Membership Statuses

  1. Full Member: A House that has paid all subscriptions to date since the current ownership of that house commenced but no earlier than the commencement of the Association in 2014. The person who pays the Subscription is the Primary House Member and any other persons associated with the Member House are Associate House Members.
  2. Grace Membership: To address the particular needs of a Member House and at the discretion of the Treasurer and Area Representative, a Member House who is given full Membership status for a period (excluding voting rights) and for whom payment of the Subscription fee has been deferred until the next Subscription period.
  3. Renewal Member: A House that has paid all subscriptions to date (since the current ownership of that house commenced) and is now due to renew for the new Subscription period – so it has 1 subscription charge due.
  4. Overdue Member: A House that has paid subscriptions (since the current ownership of that house & Association commenced) but didn’t pay its renewal in the last subscription period and is now due to renew for the new Subscription period. This includes a House which has underpaid its subscription fee or made a partial payment. They do not have voting rights or access to any of the Estates Forums or services during the 1 year grace period or until they bring their account up to date. They will continue to be included in all outbound communications by the Association
  5. Non Member: A House whose current owners have never paid a subscription since the current ownership of that house commenced)